About Me

ABout Mike Dorfler (a.k.a. ME)

Let me start by saying that I am probably a lot like you!  Sure, I have some unique stories that helped shape who i am like when I was 3 years old.  We were the perfect family of 4, brand new house, 2 cars, Dad had corporate job and ……. Parents sold everything, bought a school bus and we traveled around the country, Mexico and Canada for a year! Or Maybe I can tell you about the day I got off the school bus in the 7th grade and my house was burning completely down and we lost everything we owned.  Or maybe I could tell you how it took me failing and struggling over and over in business like when I was 18 years old, I had a great idea to order and sell flowers at Mother’s Day.  Instead of Making $6,000, I lost $12,000 and literally threw in the trash hundreds of dozens of Roses that the teams I hired didn’t sell!  Or I could tell you about spending all my grandfather’s inheritance on buying the longest running Comedy Club in the State of Virginia and losing it all.  Oh, I can go on with some failures.  Just like you, I refuse to quit.  Because of losing money in flower business at 18, I now have had a successful flower biz going on 20 years.  Because of the failing Comedy Club, the same partners learned how to handle adversity and now we own a 18 hole golf course with driving range that has been operating since Oct. 2007.   I am probably just like you in the fact that I will keep striving to IMPACT the World with the short time on earth that we are here.  The Bible says “Teach Us to Number our Days, that we may gain a heart of Wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

That tells me that me MUST Take Action!  There is no time to dilly dally.  Myles Monroe said, “What would the World Miss if you were Not Born?”  HELLO!!

So, Who is Mike Dorfler?  I am 21 year married husband, proud Dad of 2, that NOT ONLY am striving to hear those words, “Well Done My Good & Faithful Servant”, but also to Make an AWESOME IMPACT in your life and many others.  I believe nothing is really going to be long term without a Strong Foundation of Integrity.  So, If we end of working together, I promise to do what I say.  It is sad to me that Contracts are so important these days,  Call me old fashion, but I believe your word is your bond and handshakes are your sacred Honor.