Marketing Tools

“The Basics 101”


1.  Domain Name – Your website Name.  Also called URL address, website address, or simply your address.  Just like a “800” Phone Number,  Domains are forwarded to a site.   Domain names are important because they are easy to remember, shorter, more professional, can be forwarded to new sites very easily, and very importantly you can start BRANDING YOU!   Also, they are cheap!  Most are around $10 per year!    Put YOUR DOMAIN name on your business card, not a long replicated address.

2.  AutoResponder that includes: Capturing data, automatic follow up emails, broadcast messaging, and compliance with all email marketing laws.  This is the way to follow up or “drip” onto customers.   This is email marketing at its finest: Capture the customer by opt in forms,  set up one time automatic emails to touch your customers, and improve your conversions and close ratios.  Also good for keeping contact with your team and sending out New Announcements.  With banner below, you will get first month at $1.00!! Then it is $19 a month for first 500 subscribers. I compared what was out there and I like this the best and what I use:



Many More Marketing Tools Coming Soon!