I am humbled by some of the incredible relationships that I have.  -Mike Dorfler


“Mike is a joy to be around.  He is an encourager, he is optimistic, thinks positive, but practical and realistic all at the same time.” – Pastor Jim Wolfcale, 316 Church

“Mike Dorfler is an incredibly driven, compassionate, and dedicated person and an incredibly loyal friend.  The kind of person you would want on your side no matter what the situation, good or bad.” – Mark Sawyers, President, Affordable Towing

“Mike Dorfler has truly blessed a lot of people.  In one of his businesses, His company has given over $20,000 to local charities including Children’s Hospital of King’s Daughters, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Toys for Tots.  He is making an impact in people’s lives.”  – Randy Butler, Sales Manager, Roses Across America

“I have known MIke since we met in college 21 years ago.  He has been an incredible blessing to me to have as a friend.  He is encouraging and also very loyal.  We have lived close by and in different states through the years but I always know he would drop everything to help me anytime I asked.  His friendship and wise counsel has been very valuable to me and my family”.- Keith Jansen, Insurance Professional

“Mike is a very balanced person. Faith,Family, and Career, in that order drive his daily life. He is extremely positive and an encouragement to others. Whether in a business setting or a personal setting, Mike is someone I feel blessed to call a brother in Christ! One comment that I think epitomizes Mike’s mind set is: A setback is a setup for a comeback!”
Mike Waugh, PGA Golf Professional

“In a nation of followers, Mike Dorfler is a true leader. He walks with unquestionable integrity and stands boldly for what’s right.  He lives his life in the light of excellence and by doing so exposes others to the  potential they posses within. The honor he displays will leave a legacy that future leaders will hope to emulate. I am a better person having known him.”
Jeff Jefferies, Law Enforcement

“Mike is ALWAYS serving; whether it be in his church or one of his many businesses. I have been involved with Mike in 2 of his businesses and he always makes time for me; willing to answer my questions and show me the way. Through our business relationship Mike has become a lifelong friend.”
Attorney Brian Dunnigan, DunniganLaw